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August 27, 2012

Hello Jeff, Can you please thank Kelly and your staff in the Service Department for helping us with our boat while staying at the Naswa Resort last week? We began experiencing idling issues with our boat that we just towed 5 hours up from Connecticut. I called your Service Department and Spoke with Kelly. She ( and the rest of your staff) was very professional , accommodating, and got our boat in quickly. Thankfully the repairs were only minor, at a very reasonable cost, and we had the boat back later that day!

Kelly and her peers saved our vacation. As a matter of fact I handed out her business card to another stranded boater at the Naswa the very next day and they helped him out too. As a lifelong professional in a service industry who advocates superior customer service, It was a joy to experience it from a customer’s prospective.

Sincerely, Steve Halpern


September 12, 2012

We rented a slip from you for Labor Day weekend and were very happy that we did. All of the staff that helped us were very friendly, helpful and proficient at their jobs. It was wonderful having our boat 7/10 of a mile from where we were staying. You have a great facility and staff and hopefully, we can stay in your area and at your facility again next Summer. Channel Marine is definitely a 5 star facility.

Thank you again, John Cooke Sr, John Cooke Jr and family.


August 3, 2012


I just wanted to thank you again for the GREAT job you and your group did on getting our 2001 Yamaha 50 hp motor back to running condition. It is running so good its like having a NEW boat again, after 3 years on not having it run right at all. Again, THANK YOU!!!

Ted Taylor


October 2, 2012

Good Morning, I just wanted to drop a line to tell you how terrific our boat buying experience was. Please thank (Jay) Jason St. Gelais for all his help, my wife Donna only wanted one brand and that was a Bennington Pontoon Boat and he made us realize why by showing us the workmanship and quality. We are so happy about our purchase and how we were treated by Channel Marine. You will always have our business. Thank you again from Donna and myself, and we see you in the spring!!

Timothy Glennon


From Winnipesaukee Forum:

May 8, 2013

Channel Marine has and absolutely stands behind any work that may need to be done. It was an unfortunate human error. The distance between each log is tight for a fork lift. The forks themselves have less than an inch on both sides. It takes a very skilled driver to place the forks correctly without damage. In this case, it has happened before and the unfortunate individual, I been told is now looking for new employment.

I do want to set the record straight concerning the gauge of the logs. It all depends on the size of the log, the size of the engine, and if it has a performance package and rough water package. I just ordered a Bennington tritoon with a 300 Verado. The nose cone is 1.00 and the logs are 0.90. If you were to get a smaller toon the gauge is .80. So a blanket statement cannot be made that the Premier builds a stronger log. Actually Bennington is the ONLY manufacture that has their ESP package tritoon rated for a 400 HP outboard. Their Tritoon I/O can now take up to 600HP.

I spent two years with sea trials, studying the engineering design and talking to Mfg reps. I put together a decision matrix that included everything that was important to me. It is difficult to choose between the different makes. This decision matrix made it much easier and was clear to me what MFG IN MY MIND was the better make.

After making my decision I traveled to Elkhart, IND. last week and saw how the Bennington line of boats were built. Extreme quality control in each step of the production line. The GM took me on a tour. I was VERY impressed. Bennington is now breaking all kinds of sales records. They shipped over 1100 boats just in one month. Their sales are on a steep climb. The have a seven year nonprorated warranty. Life time warranty from the deck on down.

I wanted a boat that could take on the roughest water that Winni could generate. I tested all the makes in rough water. I used to be an offshore performance racer and I was totally impressed the way the G and R series performed. The boat is totally dry even in 25 knot winds. I use to live and race on Lake Erie. Bennington has a new dealer on Lake Erie. I never thought I would ever see any kind of pontoon boat that could handle Lake Erie.

I was also told there is a new dealer on Long Island Sound, NY. There was an in- water boat show. The dealer had Grady White and an large off shore center console like an Intriped. The Grady White was being demoed and each time it came back the boat and passengers were totally wet. No one was interested in the Bennington until late in the day. No one felt that the PONTOON boat could handle the ocean surf. Well it went out with the Bennington Sales Manager and the new dealer. The boat came back totally dry. Everyone on board was dry. The dealer could not believe it.

Other things I learned is that the logs are sealed except they do have a plug at the top of the log. This is for pressure testing. On top of the plug is a an adapter with pin hole in it. The hole is for equalizing pressure in the log and reduces condensation. If you were ever to stand next to a log and hear it expand with a pong sound. This adapter prevents the log from expanding.

Will I just wanted to give you my experience that took two years to make a decision. I won't give out the names of the other MFG or my rankings after Bennington. If there is any interest. PM me and I will share with you my criteria or any other information that will help make your decision.

I might just add. My experience with Channel Marine over the last two years have been outstanding. Sales Manager Jason Wylie and Service Manager Jeff are on top of their game. I am very pleased with my decision to go Bennington.

Disclaimer...I don't have any stock or ownership either in Channel Marine or Bennington. Actually I was told that all the employees at Bennington own the company. They all take pride in their work".   


July 13, 2013

I really appreciate the treatment and service that I received from the service department this week. Jeff and John on the desk and coordination, John (mechanic I met when picking up and Dan who helped me getting around the yard. I know this is supposed to happen and its their jobs but, I wonder how many times people say thank you. Great job. Thank you, Rick Allen


 August 5, 2013

Wanted to drop a line thanking Jay & Chanel Marine for being so helpful in the purchase of our new Bennington 225 GSR. Jay was extremely helpful during the whole process. we customized the boat with many options and had numerous conversations and meeting with Jay till the boat was perfect. Our experience with Channel Marine was great, no pressure to buy and everyone was very helpful. I have enclosed a picture of our blue Bennington on the second sand bar on Lake Winnisquam. As you can see the whole family, sons, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren are enjoying it with us. Our friends, Sue & Ron, were so impressed by our Bennington that they also went to Channel Marine and saw Jay. They are now the proud owners of a red Bennington. They also said Jay was very helpful and never pressured them to buy. Sue says we have the "Daddy" boat and she has the "Baby" as her is a shorter boat. I have enclosed a picture of both boats on the second sandbar on Winnisquam. Thanks again for making the purchase of our Bennington a very positive experience. I know we will enjoy our boat for many years to come. Thanks again.

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"Channel Marine Staff, I want to say thank you again for your above and beyond customer service these past few months on several matters. My wife and I sincerely appreciate your help getting our boat serviced and in the water right on schedule. We are also grateful for your generous offer to enable us to dock our boat at your marina while we experienced an extended delay getting our seasonal dock in the water. Lastly, the turnaround time to get the parts and perform repairs on our recently "rock damaged" prop and motor was much quicker than expected....and we were delighted! While we hope not to have to rely so heavily in the future on your customer service team, I am glad we purchased our new Bennington pontoon boat from you last year and would recommend your company and personnel to anyone for boat purchases or service. Thanks again! Paul and Gina Galasso July 21, 2015"
By: paul    meredith, NH
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"Sales always seems to take the glory but SERVICE keeps the customer for years to come. This has been true of our long association with Chanell Marine. We have seen changes in ownership, and many changes in the Service Dept ( boy I miss Linda) but in the end we have always been treated with the best of care. Special "Kudo's" go out to Jeff Cease who we have dealt with for many years. He takes personal interest in seeing that you are taken care of, always calls you by name, and will go out of his way to see that your satisfied with your experiance with the Marina. To be quite honest he is the sole reason that we have stayed with Channell after so many disruptions these past few years. I am fully aware of Jeff's new assignment & after discussing it with him, we are quite confident that we will continue to recieve the same "Top Shelf" service that we've been spoiled with in the past and have no intentions of looking elsewhere. Vin, you have some super stars on your staff...... Jeff stands out among them !!"
By: John    Hudson, MA
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